• Powered by EDuke32 20170605-6143

  • Supports Shadow Warrior 1.2, Wanton Destruction, and Twin Dragon.

  • Has LUA scripting support. A lot of moddable attributes are exposed to LUA and the game now has a new lua script ST1 tag, so you can script your own level events!

  • Editor(aka SW Mapster) is now built into the game exe! SW Mapster is a modified version of Duke3D mapster. All the great features in Duke3D mapster work just fine in SW Mapster. So if you know how to make Duke3D maps, you should have easy time creating SW maps!.

  • Basic peer to peer multiplayer support. There are a lot of bugs with it, stay tuned as we fix them up!

  • Polymer, Polymost and Classic renderer support.

  • Support for HRP created content.


Source Code:

Source code is on github. The Release Branch should be considered stable. The release branch contains source code for the latest binary. The Master Branch is the working branch. It may not run and it may not even compile! If you want the latest and greatest use the Master Branch. If you want stable and reliable, use the release branch.


Github(Source Code)

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